The significant experience gained by KDA throughout decades of operation, both locally and abroad, provides our Client’s with the competitive knowledge and expertise to design, develop and implement custom project-specific strategies and solutions.

Signage and Wayfinding Design
KDA views wayfinding as a unique opportunity to showcase identity, brand and communicate the character of a place and its tenants. Similarly, we integrate environmental graphics as a means 
to landmark, assist in wayfinding navigation and enhances the user experience

. Based on a preliminary assessment with key Stakeholders, of existing or planned projects, KDA prepares a Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan that provides a clear roadmap for creative design, identity integration, sign type hierarchy, quantities, locations, use of dynamic technology, architectural landmark, as well detailed capital cost analysis.

Revenue-Generating Strategies
KDA works with municipalities and private developers to provide clients with a strategy for on-going revenues through our media architecture programs. Our comprehensive approach includes: media evaluations; property assessments, including zoning, permitting and media potential; coordinated exterior and interior program plans to determine type of media, quantities, capital cost analysis and potential ROI; permit approval process for third-party signage including variance and bylaw amendment applications; and media tenders to award media operation.

We collaborate with the top global and domestic media companies and we are able to benefit our clients with these strategic alliances and a thorough knowledge of the out-of-home industry.

Industrial Design

Design innovation most often requires custom solutions, components and parts. KDA’s industrial designers design extrusions, hardware, castings, molds and technology systems that support our creative ideas and enable us to realize products for our Clients that are practical, functional and beautiful.

With our in-house industrial designers, many of whom have experience in both consulting and manufacturing, KDA develops smart product solutions that have the practical efficiency to be produced by both local and global manufacturers.

Architectural Design
KDA’s architects perform several key roles in the development of our designs. They provide a broad understanding of the built form in context, communicate effectively with the many architectural and interior design firms that serve as specialty prime consultants to our Clients, and contribute to the creative process of multi-consultant teams for our many large-scale, multi-media structures.

Additionally, our architects help to research and source the world’s latest technology, new materials and finishes, and sustainability practices for integration in our design work.

Urban Design

KDA provides specialized design services pertaining to streetscape planning and placemaking. This includes the design and arrangement of street furniture elements, vehicular and pedestrian lamp standards, gateway features and integration of environmental graphics with hard and soft landscape features.

We collaborate with Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, Public Art Consultants and Traffic Consultants to create new urban design solutions that enhance public and cultural activity and function as a catalyst for urban renewal.

New Media Design

The integration of new media technology in Digital Communication requires a global understanding of relevant products, services and emerging trends. KDA’s team investigates and researches a range of technology solutions for our Clients to improve information delivery, create spectacular events, encourage interactivity, and achieve immersive experiences.

Our scope of services includes technology selection, software and scheduling selection, back-system integration and content design development.

Technical Design
KDA’s technical design team provides our Clients with sophisticated 3D computer modeling, animated virtual tours, rapid prototyping, AutoCAD and Revit drawing packages to help them visualize their project within an environmental context. We produce technical design specifications, plans, elevations and details to clearly explain the construction and installation requirements of a project.

Technical Writing

Our team of technical writers prepare performance specifications for construction and installation methods, durability, maintenance, warranty, cost implication, quality standards, prequalification documents, tender documents and contracts awards. KDA’s services also include progress reporting, meeting minutes, contract change-orders documents and as-built documents.

Brand Identity Design

KDA works closely with our Clients to develop Brand Identity Programs that present a consistent, clear and memorable image that strengthen awareness and build value and prestige. We create Brand Identity Programs that define a distinctive personality through the use of naming, logotype, symbol, sub-branding systems, colour palette, and tag-lines.

Our Brand Identity Programs are designed for applications across all types of communications, including digital media, print, signage and exhibition. Working in conjunction with Public Relations and Agencies of Record, KDA has successfully deployed National and Global programs across multi-communication platforms.

Project Management

Important to the success of any project, is the management of that project throughout the stages of its development. At KDA, we employ seasoned project managers that each have more than 20 years of proven, results-oriented experience delivering projects on time and on budget. They are responsible for scheduling, presentations, communication to stakeholders, preparation of reporting, variance and permit applications, municipal planning, and function as a strategic client, sub-consultant, and supplier liaison.



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