Jeremy J. Kramer   OCAD, SEGD, IAAPA

Principal and Creative Director

Mr. Kramer has been immersed in the dynamic fields of Signage Programs, Street Furniture and Media Architecture for more than 25 years.

Throughout his extensive career, Jeremy has successfully completed hundreds of projects across North America and abroad. Notably, he is responsible for designing Toronto’s coordinated street furniture program, one of the largest in the world; the Eaton Centre’s 18-storey, multi-media tower, the first of its kind in Canada; and an exclusive signage and wayfinding program for The Pearl-Qatar in Doha, Qatar’s first international urban venture.

Holding an AOCAD degree from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Mr. Kramer’s experience includes the creative design and strategic management of complex, coordinated design programs for civic, corporate, cultural, educational, entertainment, and sport-related industries.

Jeremy’s work has been recognized and published internationally, he is the recipient of numerous awards, has acted as an invited panelist on several international design juries, and has been guest speaker at universities and conferences.

Mr. Kramer’s artistic intent is to create intelligent design programs that enhance modern urban life and culture. This pursuit has included extensive international travel to audit best design practices and to find new solutions that further evolve KDA’s designs.


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Selected Awards

  • 2010-2004 More than 20 Top Honours from Signs of the Times and Signs Canada
  • 2006 SEGD Award of Merit
  • 2005 ‘Best of Show’ International Sign Association
  • 2005 ‘Best of Show’ CONSAC Awards
  • 2004 International Sign Association Award
  • 2003 City of Toronto Urban Design Award
  • 2001 Mississauga Urban Design Award
  • Urban Design Award Transit Shelter Design
  • Innovative Signage Design, York University
  • Marketing Innovation Award, Microsoft Canada
  • First Prize for Animated Film (under 5 minutes) from Festival du Film D'Animation
  • Prix Unigram, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Award of Recognition: EXPO '93 / Taejon, Korea.


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