Coordinated Street Furniture Program

Toronto Street Furniture
Toronto, ON
Client: Astral Media Outdoor / City of Toronto 2007
“For the Street Furniture Program, KDA has played a significant role by providing design solutions for all of the City’s street furniture elements.”
Kyp Perikleous, Manager, Transportation Services Division, City of Toronto

  • Toronto Street Furniture

    As project design consultant to Astral Out-of-Home, KDA’s street furniture solutions won the City of Toronto’s first-ever 20 year coordinated street furniture contract. This prestigious win, over an international field of competitors, represents one of the largest street furniture contracts ever tendered providing more than 25,000 street furniture elements.

    KDA’s winning street-furniture designs include state-of-the-art transit shelters, litter recycling receptacles, benches, bike racks, information columns, multi-publication structures, public posting columns, and automated public washrooms.

    The overall street furniture program provided the City of Toronto with a design solution that raised the quality of civic design on Toronto’s streets, and improved safety, durability, adaptability to site constraints and overall user experience. Designs have been made unique to Toronto so that visitors and residence will recognize the program as an important component of Toronto’s Civic identity.

    Additional coordinated elements of the system include: railings, bollards, planter boxes, tree grates and tree guards, wayfinding signage and both vehicular and pedestrian lamp poles with accessories for planter baskets, banners and traffic / street identification.

    KDA has also created retail and tourist kiosks that can be used for both City and Private sector business to animate public squares and wider pedestrian boulevards.



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